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Thirty-five years after his first television appearance in the feature-length Prescription: Murder, rumpled, raincoat-clad Lt. Columbo (who else but Peter Falk?) is still on the job in this made-for-TV movie. This time, Columbo moves about uncertainly in the Los Angeles rave scene, investigating the highly suspicious suicide of a tabloid reporter. The principal suspect is promoter Justin Price (Matthew Rhys), who had been confronted with incriminating photographs by the dead journalist. Additional intrigue is heaped upon the narrative when a mobster's son, who happens to be the ex-husband of Price's girlfriend Vanessa (Jennifer Sky), mysteriously vanishes. While the story is both entertaining and intriguing, the viewers could confidently depend upon two things: That Price is guilty as hell and that the disheveled Columbo will, at one point or other, pause before leaving the room with a "Just one more question...." Columbo Likes the Nightlife premiered January 30, 2003, on ABC. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi