1. Clark Gable
    (Blackie Gallagher)

  2. William Powell
    (Jim Wade)

  3. Myrna Loy

  1. Leo Carrillo
    (Father Pat)

  2. Nat Pendleton

  3. Jimmy Butler
    (Jim as a boy)

  1. Shirley Ross
    (Cotton Club Singer)

  2. Oscar Apfel
    (Assembly Speaker)

  3. William Arnold
    (Black Jack Dealer)

  1. William Augustin

  2. William Norton Bailey

  3. Curtis Benton

  1. Herman Bing
    (German Proprietor)

  2. John Bleifer

  3. Stanley Blystone

  1. Wade Boteler
    (Guard in Prison)

  2. Don Brodie

  3. George Pat Collins
    (Miller in Prison)

  1. Frank Conroy
    (Blackie's Attorney)

  2. Vernon Dent
    (Old German Man)

  3. James C. Eagles
    (Boy in Prison)

  1. Jay Eaton

  2. Harrison Greene
    (Eleanor's Dance Partner)

  3. Donald Haines

  1. Sherry Hall
    (Assistant District Attorney)

  2. Eddie Hart

  3. Lew Harvey
    (Crap Dealer)

  1. Samuel S. Hinds

  2. George Irving
    (Campaign Manager)

  3. William Irving
    (German Note Holder)

  1. Thomas E. Jackson

  2. Jim James
    (Chemin De Fer Dealer)

  3. Claudelle Kaye
    (Miss Adams)

  1. Jack Kenney

  2. Leonid Kinskey
    (Trotsky Aide)

  3. Jack Lipson
    (Uncle Angus)

  1. Noel Madison
    (Mannie Arnold)

  2. John Marston

  3. Ralph McCullough

  1. Sam McDaniel
    (Black Man in Prison)

  2. Alex Melesh
    (Master of Ceremonies)

  3. King Mojave

  1. Charles Moore
    (Black Boy in Speakeasy)

  2. Pat Moriarity

  3. Garry Owen
    (Campaign Manager)

  1. Lee Phelps

  2. Henry Roquemore
    (Band Leader)

  3. Bert Russell
    (Blind Beggar)

  1. Harry Seymour
    (Piano Player)

  2. Lee Shumway

  3. Bert Sprotte

  1. William Stack

  2. Landers Stevens
    (Inspector of Police)

  3. Carl Stockdale

  1. Stanley Taylor
    (Police Intern)

  2. Mickey Rooney
    (Blackie as a boy)

  3. Al Thompson
    (Spectator on Street)

  1. Edward Van Sloan
    (Yacht Skipper)

  2. Emmett Vogan

  3. Charles Dunbar

  1. Pepi Sinoff
    (Jewish Woman)

  2. George Sidney
    (Poppa Rosen)

  3. Isabel Jewell

  1. Muriel Evans

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