1. Bulletproof Monk [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]Bulletproof Monk [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

    Release Date: 4/08/03
    Label: Lakeshore Records

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01. Kung
02. End of Destiny
03. Temple of Sublime Truth
04. The Power of the Scroll
05. Enjoy Your Vacation
06. My Brother Monks
07. You Are Not Bulletproof
08. Double Chase (composed with Stephanie Brossolet)
09. The Monk and the Thief
10. Bloody Tourist
11. Darklub (composed with Stephanie Brossolet)
12. Karmonk
13. The Monk With No Name
14. The Golden Palace
15. Give Me a Report (composed with Stephanie Brossolet)
16. Tricked Pickpocket
17. Eastwoo (composed with Stephanie Brossolet)
18. Buttertea
19. It Is About Peace
20. I Am Not a Hero
21. The Noodle Soup Recipe
22. Kojima
23. Flytime (composed with Stephanie Brossolet)
24. The Responsibility of the Scroll
25. Your Idea of a Joke
26. A Little Test (composed with Stephanie Brossolet)
27. Checking the Distance
28. Jade's Mansion
29. Priceless
30. Shikanelp (composed with Nicolas Fiszman)
31. Crazybitch (composed with Stephanie Brossolet)
32. Struker and the Mirror (composed with Nicolas Fiszman)
33. Annoyox (composed with Stephanie Brossolet)
34. The Last Verse
35. Flying Tattoos

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