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A group of dirty cops are forced to cover for one another when a new officer joins the force in this police drama. Captain Ellsworth (Dennis Hopper) has to deal with Sam Steele (Marc Singer), an over-eager new cop who decides to move in on a bank robbery, rather than wait for backup as instructed. Thanks to Steele, the robbery quickly turns into a bloodbath. While Ellsworth and his men are working out how to discipline Steele, the new cop runs across some incriminating information -- a lieutenant on the force (Michael Madsen) is the ringleader of a gang of crooked policemen who are involved with a robbery scheme. Steele allows his silence to be bought, but the underhanded doings don't stay quiet for long. L.A.P.D. also features Charles Durning and Steve Bacic. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi