1. Steve Martin
    (Larry Hubbard)

  2. Charles Grodin
    (Warren Evans)

  3. Judith Ivey

  1. Steve Lawrence
    (Jack Fenwick)

  2. Robyn Douglass

  3. Doug Smith
    (Man on Roof)

  1. Helen Verbit
    (Woman in Window)

  2. Sarah Abrell

  3. Jade D. Bari

  1. Eb Lottimer

  2. Ken Hixon
    (Guest in Church)

  3. Martin Beck
    (Lonely Guy)

  1. Leslie Wing
    (Brenda, Girl in Bar)

  2. George Tyne
    (Director at Party)

  3. Joan Sweeny
    (Girl in Blood Bank)

  1. Beau Starr
    (Cop No. 2)

  2. Steven Hurwitz
    (Man on Roof)

  3. Tom Kubiak
    (Man on Roof)

  1. Georges Saurel

  2. Lena Pousette

  3. Charlie Laiken
    (Man on Roof)

  1. Karyn Harrison
    (Girl in Bank)

  2. Jerry Grayson
    (Man Who Gets Shot)

  3. Hugh Douglas

  1. Joanne Dalsass
    (Model at Party)

  2. Candi Brough
    (Schneider Twin)

  3. Andy Garcia

  1. Robina Suwol
    (Girl at Party)

  2. Stephanie Segal
    (Agent at Party)

  3. Roger Robinson
    (Greeting card supervisor)

  1. Michael Greer

  2. Jenny Gago
    (One of the Seven Deadly Sins)

  3. Matthew Faison
    (Lonely Guy)

  1. Badja Djola

  2. Lamya Derval
    (One of the Seven Deadly Sins)

  3. Richard Delmonte

  1. Charles de Vries
    (Ship's Maitre d')

  2. Charles Bouvier
    (Lonely Guy)

  3. Hunt Block
    (Couple in Bar)

  1. Leslie Bevis
    (One of the Seven Deadly Sins)

  2. Ed Beheler
    (Jimmy Carter Look-alike)

  3. Dominic Barto
    (Holdup Man No.2)

  1. Daniel P. Hannafin
    (Park Guard)

  2. Erica Hiller
    (Carol, Girl in Bank)

  3. Hardy Rawls
    (Man on Roof)

  1. Kenneth O'Brien
    (Holdup Man)

  2. Santos Morales

  3. Nicholas Mele
    (Maitre d')

  1. Jose Martinez
    (Gang Member)

  2. Alan Leach
    (Bookstore Man)

  3. Marie Laurin
    (One of the even Deadly Sins)

  1. Billy T. James
    (Bridge Jumper #2)

  2. Gloria Irizarry
    (Woman at Elevated)

  3. Rance Howard

  1. Erik Holland
    (Ship's Officer)

  2. Madison Arnold
    (Lonely cop)

  3. Julie Payne
    (Rental Agent)

  1. Joyce Brothers

  2. Randi Brough
    (Schneider Twin)

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