1. Jeepers Creepers [Original Motion Picture Score]

    Release Date: 10/02/01
    Label: Southwest Wholesale

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Tracks Audio Video Lyrics
01. Jeepers Creepers Main Title
02. Main Title
03. Truck Attacks
04. Back to the Church/The Pipe
05. Finding the Body
06. House of Pain
07. Kenny and Darla
08. Trish's Surprise
09. Trish and Darry's Theme
10. Truck Returns
11. Creeper Attacks
12. Monster Mashed/The Big Flap
13. Creeper's Tale
14. Bone Appetite
15. My Heart Goes Out
16. Creepy Crawler
17. Jeepers Creepers, song (for the film "Going Places")
18. Here Comes the Boogey Man
19. Sound effect

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