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This is the final episode in a seven-part PBS series that provides viewers with an overview of the theory of evolution: how the theory was conceived, how it has broadly influenced science, how it is commonly misunderstood, and how the theory effects everyday life. This installment of the documentary tackles the compatibility issues regarding the theory of evolution and Christianity. Narrated by acclaimed actor Liam Neeson, the program examines arguments made during the famous Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925, during which a teacher was put on trial for teaching evolution theory. Other highlights include interviews with evolutionary scientists who are also Christians, and with evolution deniers who argue that you cannot rightly believe in both evolution and the Bible. The archival footage in this episode comes from a variety of sources, including the Library of Congress, Louisiana Public Television, the National Archives, Sword of the Lord Foundation, UCLA Film and Video Archives, and the United States Supreme Court. Included among the distinguished advisors for the series are Jane Goodall, author Stephen Jay Gould, and scientist William H. Calvin of Washington University. The series was originally televised September 24-27, 2001. ~ Steve Blackburn, Rovi