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This is the fourth episode in a seven-part PBS series that provides viewers with an overview of the theory of evolution: how the theory was conceived, how it has broadly influenced science, how it is commonly misunderstood, and how the theory effects everyday life. Written and directed by Gail Willumsen, this installment of the documentary reveals the scientific meaning of that often misused and misunderstood phrase "survival of the fittest." In relation to natural selection, Willumsen examines how overuse of certain medicines on viruses and bacteria are possibly creating super-viruses and super-bacteria that may one day threaten humanity with extinction. Narrated by acclaimed actor Liam Neeson, highlights include animation sequences illustrating evolution, interviews with various scientists, and archival footage from a variety of sources, including the American Red Cross, Archive Films, BioMedia Associates, Getty Images, the WPA Film Library, and United Wildlife. Included among the distinguished advisors for the series are Jane Goodall, author Stephen Jay Gould, and scientist William H. Calvin of Washington University. The series was originally televised September 24-27, 2001. ~ Steve Blackburn, Rovi