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This is the first episode in a seven-part PBS series that provides viewers with an overview of the theory of evolution: how the theory was conceived, how it has broadly influenced science, how it is commonly misunderstood, and how the theory affects everyday life. Written and directed by David Espar and Susan K. Lewis, this segment of the documentary introduces the key tenets of the theory, discusses current evolutionary scientific research, and includes biographical docudrama sequences produced by Linda Garmon and written by Allan Cubitt. Highlights include animation sequences illustrating evolution and interviews with various experts, including Kenneth Miller, who is both a Darwinian scientist and a Catholic. He authored the book Finding Darwin's God. Narrated by acclaimed actor Liam Neeson, this program stars Christopher Larkin as Charles Darwin. Also utilized throughout this episode is archival footage from a variety of sources, including Atmosphere Pictures, BBC Worldwide Americas, Inc., National Geographic Film Library, and Royal Geographic Society London. Included among the distinguished advisors for the series are Jane Goodall, Stephen Jay Gould, and William H. Calvin, of Washington University. The series was originally televised September 24-27, 2001. ~ Steve Blackburn, Rovi