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A man thinks he may have found the woman of his dreams thanks to his new job, though neither of them have an easy time believing it in this offbeat romantic comedy. After Mickey Schwinn (Alan Berger) manages to put a stake through the heart of each of his two careers (he was a commodities broker by day and a comedian in his spare time), he discovers he's broke and needs to find work right away. One of Mickey's friends (Rachel Hunter) is able to arrange some work for him, but it's hardly the career he was dreaming of; his pal's sister Sally (Ericka Klein) is a gifted physicist who is also handicapped and must use a wheelchair. Sally has just published a book and needs a chauffeur to dive her from city to city for a promotional tour to pitch the book, and Mickey lands the job. Sally has a sharp tongue and doesn't suffer fools gladly, but she also has a quick, dry wit and a fascinating turn of mind, and Mickey finds himself increasingly intrigued by her. Sally, however, has a hard time believing Mickey is sincere in his interest in her. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi