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In France, Bernard Tapie has developed a reputation as a man of many talents and varied interests; he's found success as an actor, a singer, a businessman, the host of a TV talk show, an elected official, a competitive sailor, an advisor to French president François Mitterand, and manager of a championship soccer team. Tapie's achievements are all the more remarkable considering his humble, working-class beginnings, but not all of his publicity has been good; while he's earned fortunes, he has also been forced to declare bankruptcy, and after his soccer team won the European Cup, it was discovered that he paid off players from other teams to ensure that they'd lose, which led to a six-month stay in jail. American documentary filmmaker Marina Zenovich became fascinated by Tapie's story, and flew to Paris in order to meet him and make a film about his life. Who Is Bernard Tapie? concerns itself with Tapie's roller-coaster ride in the public eye, as well as his intensely secretive nature regarding his private life; the film also offers an amusing perspective on Zenovich's somewhat obsessive interest in her subject, who isn't so certain he wants to cooperate with her. Who Is Bernard Tapie? was shown in competition at the 2001 Los Angeles Film Festival. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi