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The human face is what attracts and repels humans meeting other humans. This process is mysterious. This four-volume program from The Learning Channel investigates many aspects of the human face, from beauty to facial expression. John Cleese acts as narrator and host to a number of guests who discuss the power of the face. Skits and personal interviews highlight the points made in the production. The four episodes include Secrets of the Face, The Endlessly Fascinating Face, Does Beauty Matter?, and Famous Faces. The episode Secrets of the Face - which has also been issued under the alternate titles Face to Face and Secrets and Lies - deals specifically with the topic of facial expressions and what they connote, as well as the elusive practice of "face reading." The episode discusses what one can learn about a face's owner based on that person's expressions. Case studies in stereotyping, victimization, and fame illustrate the importance of the face on the daily lives of humans. ~ Rose of Sharon Winter, Rovi