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Two young hipsters go to Las Vegas to chase their dreams, but neither is happy with what they find in this dark comedy-drama. Lidda (Kirsten Dunst) is a young woman who hasn't heard in many years from her father Charlie (James Caan), a gambler working the casinos in Las Vegas. On her 18th birthday, Charlie sends her a check as a present, and Lidda, excited to finally hear from her dad again, heads out to Vegas to see him face to face. En route, Lidda picks up Colonel (Vincent Kartheiser), a convenience store clerk who fancies himself a cool hand with a deck of cards. Once in Vegas, Lidda goes looking for Charlie, while Colonel ends up in a high stakes poker game; he wins, but that turns out to be bad luck on his part when he sees how Tony (Robert Miano), the owner of a strip joint, reacts to losing a big hand. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi