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In this dramatic murder mystery from the director of God's Army, Richard Dutcher -- who is also this film's writer, producer, and star -- plays Wes Clayton, a young deputy sheriff who resides in a quiet Mormon community called Brigham. The town is turned upside down when a woman from California is found murdered near her car. Wes, with the aid of his young deputy (Matthew A. Brown), the town's retired sheriff (Wilford Brimley), and an idealistic secretary (Carrie Morgan), is sent to investigate the bizarre occurrence. A federal agent (Tayva Patch) also becomes involved, and Wes slowly finds himself becoming the spiritual leader of this typically sleepy small town. He must unveil some of its underlying secrets to solve the murder, while also trying to keep the peace of the Mormon community surrounding him. This feature, like God's Army, was independently produced by Dutcher with the aid of Mormon supporters. ~ Jason Clark, Rovi