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Though some observers feel that the made-for-cable Dangerous Waters was merely a derivation of the earlier theatrical feature River Wild, be assured that the later film includes a few novel and unanticipated twists. While on a rafting trip with her kids and her newboyfriend Bob (Matt McCoy), river expert Sarah (Connie Selleca) is waylaid by escaped convicts searching for stolen money. Earlier, Sarah had rescued an unconscious man, who may or may not be connected with the crooks. Whatever the case, Bob takes charge of the situation, apparently playing for time by claiming he knows the location of the money--mainly because he's the one who hid it. A deadly game of cat-and-mouse between captors and captives develops, followed by an even more harrowing excursion down the rapids and towards safety. Throughout it all, however, Sarah cannot help but wonder what Bob is up to--and why? First telecast by the Fox Family channel on February 7, 1999, Dangerous Waters was filmed under the title Imminent Danger, and still goes by that name in reruns. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi