1. Brotherhood of the Wolf (Original Soundtrack)Brotherhood of the Wolf (Original Soundtrack)

    Release Date: 1/08/02
    Label: Virgin

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01. Grey Wolf/Gévaudan
02. Mani and the Gypsies
03. Hunt/Abbey Ruins/Pagan Image
04. Lady of Winter
05. Tessier/Sylvia/The Sorcerer/Succubus
06. Beauterne Arrives
07. Deduction/Desecration
08. Shepherdess/Back to Gévaudan/The Beastmaster
09. Hunting the Beast
10. Mani's Last Stand/Ignoble Death
11. Dances With Knives
12. Den of the Beast/Mani's Pyre
13. Death of Fronsac
14. Poison Milk
15. Naming Names
16. Fantom
17. Savage Duel
18. Justice for Sardis
19. Cleansing
20. Epilogue
21. Once, song (for the film Brotherhood of the Wolf)

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