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Documentary film maven David L. Wolper returns to the scene with a ten-part series profiling 50 international icons of the 20th century. In part ten, he presents five "pop music icons." Louis Armstrong, or "Satchmo," was an American jazz trumpeter and singer who overcame poverty and racism to introduce "scat" singing and who helped to popularize jazz in the United States. Frank Sinatra thrilled a generation of fans with his good looks and enticing voice. Nicknamed "Old Blue Eyes," he starred in several movies and sang with the big bands of the 1930s before launching his successful solo career. He was granted three posthumous Grammy awards for his musical achievements and influence. Elvis Presley was one of the most famous entertainers of the 20th century with his charismatic style and soothing voice, crooning such tunes as "Love Me Tender" and "Heartbreak Hotel." Combining elements of gospel, country & western, and R&B music, Elvis helped to transform rock music in America. The Beatles, however, changed the face of rock & roll music forever when they brought their innovative style from Britain to the United States in the early '60s. While only together for a short time, the group remains popular worldwide, with many young musicians citing them as a major influence on their musical development. Michael Jackson was the youngest of the famous sibling group the Jackson Five before embarking on his even more successful solo career as singer, dancer, and songwriter. A somewhat reclusive yet fascinating character, he was a true pop icon of the late 20th century. ~ Sarah Block, Rovi