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It's April 15, and all over Springfield people are rushing to finish filing their taxes before the midnight deadline -- all except for Homer Simpson (voice of Dan Castellaneta), who reassures his wife Marge (voice of Julie Kavner) "I paid my taxes over a year ago!" When Marge convinces Homer that the Internal Revenue Service expects him to pay taxes every year, Homer files a return in a blind rush, and to no one's surprise he's called in for an audit. With a possible tax fraud conviction hanging over his head, Homer agrees to turn informant to the FBI on tax cheats, and ends up turning one of his co-workers over to the authorities. Convinced Homer is ready for something bigger, the FBI assigns him to take part in a sting operation to recover a one-of-a-kind trillion dollar bill, which they believe was stolen by craven energy magnate C. Montgomery Burns (voice of Harry Shearer) during an ill-fated goodwill mission to Europe in 1945. Homer discovers Burns does indeed have the valuable banknote, but Burns persuades Homer to help him flee the country with the cash, and with uber-friendly Ned Flanders (also voiced by Harry Shearer) in tow, Burns and Company seek exile in Cuba. "The Trouble With Trillions" aired for the first time ten days before tax day on April 5, 1998. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi