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Suburbanites from outer space arrive on Earth to clean up the inner city -- strictly for fun -- in this sci-fi-tinged comedy. With the death of his mother, Joseph (Christopher M. Brown) is trying to put his life back on track after several years as a street punk. He decides to turn the family home into a boarding house, but the house happens to be in one of the worst neighborhoods in Los Angeles and Joseph doesn't get many customers. One day Charlie (George Wendt) and Rhonda (Shanna Reed), a cheerful middle-class couple, arrive with their teenage daughter Daphne (Anastasia Sakelaris) looking for a place to stay; Joseph thinks something odd is going on, but given his lack of customers (and Daphne's attractive appearance), he keeps his thoughts to himself. It turns out that something strange is happening, however; Charlie and Rhonda are actually aliens from another planet who have come to Earth on a vacation, and their favorite pastime is hunting and killing the sort of low-life criminals who run rampant in Joseph's neighborhood. Alien Avengers was also released under the title Welcome to Planet Earth. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi