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This informative documentary highlights the life and career of dramatic coach Sanford Meisner -- not exactly a household name, but the names of his students are: Gregory Peck, Grace Kelly, Sydney Pollack, Joanne Woodward, Peter Falk, Jon Voight, Eli Wallach, Robert Duvall, Tony Randall, Mary Steenburgen, Bob Fosse -- the list of high-profile, acclaimed actors and actresses goes on and on. They testify to Meisner's success as a teacher over a period that spans 50 years. Meisner began his career in the theater and stayed in that venue except for a few roles in films with his then-famous students. The raft of celebrity students praise his talent, thankful that soon after he began acting on the stage he decided to start coaching others. Eventually, his love of teaching took over, and he devoted himself mainly to the profession of drama coach. Aside from an interview with Meisner himself -- at age 80, and speaking with the aid of a voice box due to a recent laryngectomy -- are comments by his colleague Elia Kazan that testify to his talent, his dynamism, and his contributions to the profession over the last five decades. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi