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This ten-part series explores the work and ideas of Joseph Campbell. Widely known for his The Power of Myth interviews with Bill Moyers, Campbell has been a key figure in (if not the father of) comparative mythology. As a professor of literature at Sarah Lawrence University, Campbell was given room to explore the mythologies of both occidental, oriental, and aboriginal religions and folktales. As he studied, he began to see patterns of shared symbols, and stories from cultures on opposite sides of the globe telling similar moral tales. The Joseph Campbell's Mythos series attempts to condense the many years of Campbell's scholarship and resulting philosophy into a conceivable vision of religion and spiritual pursuits. By retelling tales and examining artifacts, Campbell attempts to show the viewer that, in essence, all religions and their mythologies are seeking to accomplish the same goal -- enlightenment, or spiritual transcendence, for the student/practitioner. The series begins with Joseph Campbell's Mythos: Psyche and Symbol, where Campbell lays the foundation for his theory by identifying several archetypes that seem common among people and relating these archetypes to modern psychology, much as Carl Jung did in his work. Through the next eight parts, Campbell connects different religions through shared tales and symbols, investigates differences between Western and Eastern thought, and examines the spiritual practice of yoga, as well as the teachings of Buddha and other Eastern philosophies. Oscar award-winning actress Susan Sarandon hosts the series. ~ Ed Atkinson, Rovi