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Martin (T. Ryder Smith) is gay, and it has taken him a long time to come to grips with that fact. In this story, he is a professional pianist who is finally ready to try and find some companionship. At first he is attracted to Gino (Gabriel Amor), a boy he meets in Central Park who is clearly gay, clearly masculine (leather-clad), and is interested in the same sorts of literature he is interested in. Alas, he hasn't a clue what constitutes attractiveness in the gay subculture, and is crushed when Gino spurns his advances. Curiously for such a repressed fellow, Martin has a gay roommate, a real screamer named Ron (Mark Woocock). He confides his situation to him, and they become genuine friends. He also discusses his travails with a woman-friend, Lisa (Lisa Allyn Worth. None of this solves his romantic problem (i.e., the lack of it), but it does comfort him. ~ Clarke Fountain, Rovi