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For some reason, thirty-something banker Luca (Pino Quartullo) wants to become a father, and his girlfriend doesn't. Their disagreements on this subject escalate until they break up. Thereafter, Luca attempts to become a father by resurrecting former relationships, having sex with his old girlfriends, and pricking holes in the condoms he uses. He temporarily quenches his baby frenzy with an endless-loop video of an infant, but that doesn't help long. Luca meets a lesbian couple (Antonella Ponziani and Rosalinda Celentano) who want a child, too, at a sperm bank. Though it looks like they could work out a deal, Luca has become sterile (possibly from worrying too much). Things escalate as the increasingly desperate trio seek to find ways to induce pregnancy, and they decide to rob a sperm bank... ~ Clarke Fountain, Rovi