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With each episode of the Bug City video series, children ages one through six are introduced to the tiny but diverse world of one-insect species or a group of related species. With the help of hand puppet Bugsy Seagull, Dr. Art Evans, director of the Insect Zoo for Los Angeles' Museum of Natural History, and film star Christina Ricci reveal the habits, diets, adaptations, and life cycles of these creepy-crawly neighbors. Employing the latest advances in microscopic photography, each episode magnifies the day-to-day lives of these amazing creatures, revealing secrets that would be difficult to learn otherwise. The series also includes tips for safely handling insects, and techniques for creating habitats for the various species examined. Bug City: Butterflies & Moths takes a close look at the amazing process of metamorphosis that transforms the caterpillar into the butterfly (or moth). The program explores the wide variety of these winged creatures and explains how to identify the different species by their shapes and coloring. ~ Sean Hurley, Rovi