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A man must wage a battle against time, space, and his own mortality to rescue his wife-to-be in this sci-fi drama. Malakai (Billy Wirth) is a criminal from an alternate universe who has a psychic link with a woman on Earth named Adrienne (Jennifer Rubin). Adrienne, however, knows nothing about this, and when Malakai comes to Earth and kidnaps her on her wedding day in a hale of bullets, it comes as a highly unpleasant surprise. Merkhan (Judge Reinhold), a scientist who has done research of Malakai's parallel world, has invented a special bracelet that will allow the wearer to come back to life if killed by an alien like Malakai; armed with Markhan's secret weapon, Aaron (C. Thomas Howell), Adrienne's fiancé, sets out to find and rescue the woman he loves. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi