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The feature debut of writer-director Piotr Szkopiak, Small Time Obsession is set in London's Polish community, where a group of friends engage, alternately, in relationships and petty crime. Michael (Alex King) works in his father's deli but would rather be at the greyhound track; Chris (Jason Merrells) is a mercurial small-time crook; Steve (Oliver Young) is a compassionate orphan with a passion for classic cars; and John (Richard Banks) is a would-be composer with a troubled domestic life. Prodded by Chris, the friends engage in minor robberies. When Chris is offered a job taking possession of stolen goods by a mid-level thief who is trying to find favor with a local gangster, tensions among Chris' circle reach a boiling point. To top it all off, Chris' on-the-rocks relationship with pregnant girlfriend Ali (Juliette Caton) is put under further strain when Michael confesses his love to Ali; Ali's best mate Jackie (Kirsten Parker), in turn, secretly adores Michael, leading to even more complications. ~ Rebecca Flint Marx, Rovi