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Duke Togo is Golgo 13, a stone-faced, stone-cold killer for hire. Utterly amoral and usually expressionless, he is known for always getting the job done, even against impossible odds. Which is precisely what he does when he cleanly kills the son of a wealthy industrialist named Lawson on a crowded yacht with a single bullet. Duke takes on another contract against a Sicilian Mafia boss, while Lawson targets Duke to avenge the killing of his son. Thus begins a chain reaction of murder and revenge as Duke fends off the Mafia and corrupt U.S. government agents, all the while having to deal with an increasingly bizarre array of Lawson's assassins. As he battles his way to the top of Lawson's corporate tower, the wife of the slain Lawson has to wonder: Why is her father-in-law obsessed with hunting down Duke, rather than the person who hired him? ~ Emru Townsend, Rovi