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Narrator Alfre Woodard takes viewers on a journey through mass uprisings against social injustices from around the globe in the second half of the 20th century. From WGBH Boston and the BBC comes this detailed video series on the struggle for human rights, and in this instance, events where peasant troops won the battle are detailed and analyzed. Starting with the conflict in Cuba in 1958, where Fidel Castro and his army overthrew President Batista and took governmental control. At the same time, the budding Vietnamese guerrilla fighters against Imperial French rule was taking place, and the U.S. later was involved with drastic results. And half a decade after the end of the Asian conflict, the Soviet Union engaged in a similar operation against Afghan guerrillas and lost 50,000 fighters in the process. History of these events unfolds with archival footage and interviews with eyewitnesses and survivors. ~ Karen Solomon, Rovi