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Following the trend of re-examining the enigmatic life of Jesus, The Life and Times of Jesus series gives yet another objective view into the life of the man from Galilee. Who Was Jesus is a journey into the "real" life of Christ our Lord. Taking into account the numerous recent scientific and historical discoveries, this documentary attempts to flesh out the man that maintains a following two thousand years after his death. Walk along the same dusty trails as Jesus till you come to the Jordan River where John the Baptist submerged the messiah, then follow the road to Jerusalem where Christ's fate as a martyr was sealed. As you are led through the Holy Land, narrator Armanda Assante attempts to determine how the people of Jesus' time saw him. Did they see him as a mystic? A magician? Or as the messiah? It is then up to you to decide what role this man played in history. ~ Ed Atkinson, Rovi