1. Lee Arenberg

  2. Steve Barnett

  3. Chris Beckman

  1. Steve Blacknell
    (Mick La Fontaine)

  2. Anne-Marie Bridgnell
    (Girl with Fan)

  3. Roger Corman

  1. Dawn Conley

  2. Brian Corman
    (Tourist Kid)

  3. Joal Corso

  1. Mark Costello
    (Cab Driver)

  2. Blake Gibbons

  3. Zoe Hale
    (Wardrobe Assistant)

  1. Magda Harout

  2. Meika Lanter

  3. Richie Levin
    (Man Sweeping Sound Stage)

  1. Richard Lion
    (High Priest)

  2. Christy Love

  3. Manuel Lubin
    (Men with Skull)

  1. Rod Luring
    (Who Are You)

  2. Mike Marr
    (Man with Raft)

  3. Sally Mattison

  1. Tom Merchant

  2. Adam Moos
    (Man Sweeping Back Lot)

  3. Casildo Munoz
    (Men with Skull)

  1. Theodore Myers
    (Man Washing Truck)

  2. Jill Osman
    (Helicopter Co-pilot)

  3. Bruce Parker
    (Clumsy Man)

  1. Robert Patrick

  2. Don Pugsley

  3. Randy Randolph

  1. Ty Randolph
    (Amazon Warrior from Brooklyn)

  2. Ken Reagan
    (Scenic Foreman)

  3. Pehelope Jane Reed
    (Amazon Warrior with Crystal)

  1. William Shaw
    (Man with Raft)

  2. Anthony Smith
    (Clumsy Camera Assistant)

  3. Maria Socus
    (Amazon Queen)

  1. Patrick Statham
    (Stunt Man)

  2. Herb Stewart

  3. Kevin Tent
    (Film Editor)

  1. Lynn Theel
    (Ann Gregory)

  2. Mike Upton

  3. Karin Utter

  1. Steve Vinovich
    (Max Miranda)

  2. Jono Winfrey
    (Man with Bull Horn)

  3. Pamela Winn
    (Script Supervisor)

  1. Ken Wright
    (Woody O'Neil)

  2. Jim Wynorski
    (Man Who does Lunch)

  3. Ginger Lynn Allen
    (Candy Chandler)

  1. Eddie Deezen

  2. Renee Griffin

  3. Traci Lords

  1. Michelle Moffett
    (Mary Randolph)

  2. Kelly Monteith
    (Zwing Zwiner)

  3. Joe Bob Briggs

  1. Raymond Chibnick
    (Tour Guide)

  2. Keely Christian

  3. Steve Coatney
    (Studio Guard)

  1. Ellen Cole
    (Stunt Woman)

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