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Glamorized by personalities such as Evel Knievel and the Great Wallenda, risky stunts have now become commonplace in the media. Daredevils! documents the early pioneers that heightened America's voyeuristic fascination with risk-takers. First produced for A&E, the program recalls dangerous stunts of the past. Motorcycle madman Knievel nearly died while jumping the fountains at Caesar's Palace. It didn't stop him from jumping the Snake River Canyon years later. Carl Wallenda now occupies a footnote in history for his 1970 tightrope walk across Tallulah Gorge. For viewers craving a piece of the action, four modern-day daredevils record their unbelievable acts on mini-cameras. The volunteers include Robbie Knievel, Lee Oman, Steve Trotter, and Enrico Wallenda. Adrenaline pumps as they navigate waterfalls and walk on air. Regis Philbin hosts this glimpse into the world of real action heroes. ~ Sarah Ing, Rovi