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Gunfighters of the West: John Wesley Hardin, part of the acclaimed Gunfighters of the West series, recalls the murderous reign of the hard-hearted Texan gunslinger who made his reputation by shooting to death Texas Ranger Charlie Webb. At age 14, Hardin stabbed a kid at school. As a cowboy on the Chisolm Trail in 1871, he murdered seven people and continued killing throughout his life. In between his vicious murder sprees, Hardin found time to marry, start a family, and become a lawyer. Just when he finally seemed to have his life straightened out, Hardin began an affair with one of his married female clients. When her husband discovered the fling, Hardin hired several law officials to assassinate the jealous man. One of the hired men, however, Constable John Selman, turned the tables and shot shoot-'em-up Hardin instead. ~ Betsy Boyd, Rovi