1. Freedom Song [Original Television Soundtrack]Freedom Song [Original Television Soundtrack]

    Release Date: 2/15/00
    Label: Sony Classical

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01. Born Angry
02. Woke Up This Morning with My Mind Styed on Freedom
03. Eyes on the Prize ("Hold On")
04. "Welcome to S.N.C.C."
05. This Little Light of Mine
06. Making Progress Is Rough, ...And Slow
07. Ain' Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me 'Round
08. Hungry for Courage, the Movement Grows
09. Jonah's Last Day
10. Road of Meories
11. We'll Never Turn Back
12. I'm on My Way to Freedom Land
13. Po' Pilgrim of Sorrow
14. The Students of Quinlan
15. This May Be the Last Time
16. Oh, Freedom
17. ...From One Generation to the Next
18. Song of Freedom

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