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In an informative and shocking documentary that bangs America's dormant collective conscience on its head, director Lorraine Gray films underpaid foreign workers around the world to highlight the exploitative nature of American companies willing to pay next to nothing in wages in order to raise their profits. Workers in countries like South Korea, Taiwan, Mexico, and the Philippines are paid as low as 5% of the hourly wage in the U.S. Meanwhile, corporate executives justify their practices with ignorant platitudes, while American laborers -- such as those in the Tennessee town abandoned by the Philips Corporation -- are joining the growing ranks of the unemployed. Filipino workers are unhappy with their working conditions (not exactly union standards) and of course would like to have decent wages. Missing are some statistics on how many jobs have been lost in the U.S. and how many jobs created in Third-World countries, as the balance continues to tip away from U.S. workers. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi