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When presented with the enigmas of history and human origin, most people are befuddled. Rarely is there concrete evidence to substantiate a claim. There may happen to be a sliver of pottery inscribed or painted upon, that was excavated in Peru, but most will push it aside as a fraud. But every once in a while, someone comes along with a belief and evidence that is so strong we all have to stop and, at least, look for ourselves. BC Video, famous for its The Mysterious Origins of Man series, once again strikes at the center of all of humanity's fear (the uncertainty of our lineage) with Jurassic Art. This interesting video looks at material dug up in South America that is believed to have been made by human hands over 200 million years ago. The stone carvings show human-like figures on the back of what would appear to be a Stegosaurus. Other figurines that resemble dinosaurs are also discussed as possible evidence that humans have been up and walking around for far longer than believed. ~ Ed Atkinson, Rovi