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Inspired by actual events, this made-for-television suspense story stars Michele Lee as Barbara Traynor, a wife and mother who has enjoyed a long and happy marriage to her husband Denny (Peter Coyote). However, the peace of her household is shattered when Denny is arrested for a murder that was committed 27 years ago in Oregon. Initially, Denny protests that he's never even visited Oregon, but evidence proves that Denny has been living a secret life hidden from Barbara and their children. However, despite the revelations about her husband and circumstantial evidence produced by the police, Barbara doesn't believe that Denny is a murderer, and she begins investigating the killing herself, trying to track down the only witness to the crime in an effort to clear Denny's name. A Murder on Shadow Mountain was based on the book Mountain Madness: A Deadly Night, A Bloody Secret by Jimmy Dale Taylor and Donald G. Bross. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi