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In this period drama, romance and confusion rule the day in a 17th theatrical troupe. Giovanni Andreini (Peter Stormare) is a playwright who leads the Company of Faithful Comics, a group of performers dependant on the financial support of the Duke of Mantua; however, before he's willing to finance the Company's upcoming trip to Paris, he requests a special private performance featuring the beautful women of the troupe, without costumes. The actresses grudgingly agree, and Giovanni begins work on his latest play, Love In the Mirror. He intends the female lead to go to his wife Virginia (Anna Galiena), but when a lovely young woman named Lidia (Simona Cavallari) approaches Giovanni and tells him how much she enjoys his work, he's so smitten that he gives the role to her. Soon Lidia and Giovanni are having an steamy affair, and this turn of events so upsets Virginia that she leaves Giovanni and joins a convent; however, she comes up with a better idea for getting revenge on her husband by seducing Lidia herself. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi