1. Ride with the DevilRide with the Devil

    Release Date: 11/23/99
    Label: Atlantic

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01. Opening Credits
02. Miss McLeod's Reel
03. Jayhawkers and Bushwackers
04. Clark Farm Shootout
05. Fireside Letter
06. Sally in the Garden
07. Settling in for Winter
08. Ride to the Evans/Hilltop Letter
09. Sue Lee/Dinner at the Evans
10. The Ambush
11. George Clyde Clears Out
12. Jack Bull's Death
13. Old King Crow
14. Quantrill's Arrival/Ride to Lawrence
15. Sacking Lawrence
16. Don't Think You Are a Good Man
17. Battle and Betrayal
18. Freedom
19. A Chicken at the End of It
20. Finale
21. What's Simple Is True

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