1. Joan of Arc [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]Joan of Arc [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

    Release Date: 11/02/99
    Label: Sony Classical

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01. Talk to Him
02. A Sword in a Field
03. Joan and the Wolves
04. Burying Our Children
05. No Amen
06. At One With You
07. Chinon
08. Yolande
09. The Messenger of God
10. Find Him
11. Secrets of a Strange Wind
12. To the King of England
13. Sent by God
14. Procession to Orleans
15. Recrossing the River
16. The Tourelles
17. La Hire's Lucky Charm
18. To Arms
19. Armaturam Dei
20. The Miracle of Orleans
21. Rex Coronatur
22. Trial
23. Anger and Confession
24. Answer Me
25. The Repentance
26. Angelus in Medio Ignis
27. My Heart Calling

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