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Popular Italian comedian Leonardo Pieraccioni shfts gears to take on the traditions of the American Western in this family-focused drama. In Il Mio West, Pieraccioni plays Doc, a physician in a small town in the American West. Doc is a peaceful man opposed to hunting, ecological waste and eating meat; he heals the community's ills and lends a voice of reason when personal differences threaten to become violent. The community's peace is shattered when Doc's father, Johnny Lowen (Harvey Keitel) comes home, 20 years after he abandoned his family. As one might expect, Doc has issues with his father, and it doesn't help that Dad was a famous gunslinger whose presence attracts Jack Sikora (David Bowie), an vicious outlaw who has sworn to kill Johnny. Il Mio West was filmmed on location in the Tuscan mountains; in the original Italian language version, Keitel's voice was dubbed by Giancarlo Giannini. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi