1. The Truman Show [Music from the Motion Picture]The Truman Show [Music from the Motion Picture]

    Release Date: 6/02/98
    Label: Milan

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01. Trutalk
02. It's A Life
03. Aquaphobia
04. Dreaming of Fiji (for the film "The Truman Show")
05. Flashback
06. Anthem (Part 2)
07. The Beginning
08. 2. Romance - Larghetto [Second Movement from Piano Concerto No. 1 in E
09. Drive
10. Underground
11. Do Something!
12. Living Waters
13. Reunion
14. Truman Sleeps (for the film "The Truman Show")
15. Truman Sets Sail
16. Underground / Storm
17. Raising the Sail (for the film "The Truman Show")
18. Father Kolbe's Preaching (for the film "The Truman Show")
19. Opening
20. A New Life [*]
21. Twentieth Century Boy (for the film "The Truman Show")

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