1. Object of My AffectionObject of My Affection

    Release Date: 3/24/98
    Label: ARK 21

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01. You Were Meant for Me
02. The Object of My Affection
03. The School Show (Front Titles)
04. Schön Rosmarin
05. Off to Work
06. Nina's News
07. The Dance Class (You Were Meant for Me)
08. Father and Son
09. Jolie Calls/Off to College
10. The Announcement (You Were Meant for Me)
11. Home from the Hamptons, Pt. 1
12. Home from the Hamptons, Pt. 2
13. Berceuse
14. New Friends
15. Lewis Reflects
16. Goerge Moves Out
17. You Were Meant for Me [New York Version]

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