1. Oscar and Lucinda [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]Oscar and Lucinda [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

    Release Date: 12/02/97
    Label: CBS Masterworks

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01. Prince Rupert's Drop (Main Title)
02. Throwing Lots
03. Dutch Hazards
04. Sydney Harbor
05. Rumors
06. The High Downs and the Sea
07. Forgive Me
08. Os Justi
09. Six Rivers to Cross
10. Two Gamblers
11. The Murder of the Blacks
12. Never Never
13. Floorwashing
14. Cards and Dogs
15. One Obsessive
16. The Church of Glass
17. Letters on the Mantel
18. Odd Bod
19. Prayer Wounds
20. Leviathan
21. Magic Boxes (White Man's Dreaming)
22. The Other Compulsive
23. A Broken Thing
24. The Seduction of Mrs. Chadwick
25. Blessed Be the God and Father
26. Aqua
27. The Caul
28. Oscar and Lucinda (End Title)
29. Excerpt from the Random House Audiobook

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