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When Gary (Goesta Ekman), a somewhat staid and stable architect, and Lasse (Janne Carlsson), a good-time mechanic, end up becoming friends just at the time both of their wives have left town for a week, they each have their idyllic time-off disrupted. Gary wants a bit of introspective relaxation, and Lasse wants some time with his buddies and a few women on the side. Instead, the architect heads into some wild antics (in one scene a bank robber gets the muzzle of his gun stuck in Gary's pocket) that leave him exhausted but happy, and the mechanic ends up giving a lecture on urban planning. Considering that the architect helps Lasse realize how much he appreciates his own home and children, and that Lasse helps him realize that a little fun goes a long way, the week was pretty good after all. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi