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This groan-inducing would-be camp from the director of Leprechaun boasts some good makeup by Kevin Yagher but is still easily the worst of the '90s crop of fairy-tale horrors. Kim Johnston Ulrich plays a widowed mother who buys a jade rock at an antique store. When she cries on it, she releases Rumpelstiltskin (Max Grodenchik), a soulless hunchbacked gnome who grants wishes, demanding newborn babies as his price. He also spews a lot of bogus Freddie Krueger wisecracks, dons sunglasses to ride a motorcycle, and pulls off his own head to bite a cop's neck. Most of the film follows Ulrich and an obnoxious talk-show host (Tommy Blaze) as they flee from the little goon with Ulrich's baby. There are chases by motorcycle, 18-wheeler, dune buggy, bulldozer, and police car, as well as several crowd-pleasing explosions. At one point, Ulrich runs over the gnome and his severed hand gives her the finger. That should give an indication of the level of entertainment contained herein. ~ Robert Firsching, Rovi