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This cut-rate horror anthology is packaged in a TV-series format, lacking even the most rudimentary production values and enhanced only slightly by the brief narrative presence of Vincent Price, who appears in a linking story as a sinister postman who delivers the stories on videocassette to an unwary young couch-potato. The tales involve a fisherman ensnared by his own line, a delivery boy trapped in an endless time-loop in a woodland town, a jogger pursued by mischievous forest monsters, an old scavenger who chances across a crashed alien craft, and a two-bit thief who steals a magical wishing stone. These vignettes run the gamut from tedious to downright silly, bogged down by mealy-mouthed moralizing and childish humor; viewers should be grateful that only five are presented instead of the ten chapters erroneously suggested in the prologue. ~ Cavett Binion, Rovi