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Benny Chan directs and Tsui Hark produces this sprawling fantasy yarn. The film opens with kung fu master Ma Kwun-mo (Tony Leung) being saved by the stunning Pak Wan-fai (Anita Mui) and her pet crane Yuen Yuk. In gratitude, Ma promises not to reveal Pak's identity to anyone. Later, at a kung fu meeting attended by Ma, the evil So Pang-hoi (Lawrence Ng) orders a fleet of poisonous bats to kill every other student at martial arts schools. His plans are thwarted by Yuen Yuk. While hurriedly searching for a remedy for the bats toxins to treat stricken pupils, Pak encounters the embittered Butterfly Lam (Rosamund Kwan), and soon the two are embroiled in a vicious battle using lethal sound waves. Meanwhile, So continues on his quest to take over the world. ~ Jonathan Crow, Rovi