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The legendary Knights of the Round Table came to the screen in 1949 courtesy of penny-pinching serial producer Sam Katzman. A pre-Superman George Reeves starred in the title role, a knight who, in order to join King Arthur (Nelson Leigh) and his famous table, must obtain the missing sword Excalibur whose powers can render a person invisible. Sir Galahad is hindered in his quest by the occupying Saxons in general and by Merlin the magician (William Fawcett) and a mysterious Black Knight (Leonard Penn) in particular. All the legendary characters appear in this serial, including Morgan Le Fay (Pat Barton); Sir Lancelot (Hugh Prosser); Queen Guinevere (Marjorie Stapp); and Sir Gawain (Rick Vallin). Katzman and screenwriters George H. Plympton, Lewis Clay and David Mathews added a rotund sidekick, Bors, played, surprisingly, by veteran B-Western menace Charles King. Unfortunately, producer Katzman's pernicious methods rendered the serial less than first class. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi