Hostel Part II

'Hostel: Part II'

'Hostel: Part II' Watch the Exclusive Full Length Trailer right here!


  1. Hang with director Eli Roth at Comic-Con, see what he has to say about the sequel and more in these video clips.

  2. Check out the "Hostel: Part II" scream queen's life and career, in photos.

  3. "Hostel: Part II" writer/director Eli Roth says horror films should have no limits.

  4. Eli Roth writes about "Hostel: Part II" 's European shoot and "Grindhouse" in his first exclusive MTV News column.

  5. "Hostel: Part II"'s European Shoot and "Gindhouse" In his first Exclusive MTV News Column

  6. "Hostel: Part II"

  7. Exclusive Photos

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