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Saturday, June 03, 2000

Hosted by Sarah Jessica Parker

In the year 2000... The distant future... It was the turn of a new century. The Matrix owned the box office, NSYNC had the music world by its frosted tips and HBO's Sex And The City was walking all over the Emmys. So when it came time to plan the 2000 Movie Awards we figured, hey, we're MTV, let's get all of them. And we did. Sarah Jessica Parker hosted, The Matrix won all the awards and NSYNC made every girl cry with their mega-explodo live rendition of "It's Gonna Be Me." Basically, it %#$@ing owned.

The night opened with SJP spoofing - what else? - The Matrix, but with a Sex And The City twist. Complete with cameos by Vince Vaughn and Jimmy Fallon (as a tongue-tied dumbass Neo), it was just about the spoof of the year 2000. No offense, every other spoof.

On with the show! Obviously we already blew this setup, but play along for a minute, OK? In the year 2000, the nominees for Best Movie were American Beauty , American Pie , Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me , The Matrix and The Sixth Sense . Guess who won it? Yup. The Matrix. Well did you honestly think it could've been American Pie? Get your head on straight.

Keanu ReevesOther wins for The Matrix included Best Male Performance for the great Sir Keanu Reeves (over Jim Carrey - Man In The Moon , Ryan Phillippe - Cruel Intentions , Adam Sandler - Big Daddy and Bruce Willis - The Sixth Sense) and best fight for Neo's training session with Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne).

But the winning hardly stopped there. Sarah Michelle Gellar bagged Best Female Performance and Best Kiss for her Selma-Blair-frenching performance in Cruel Intentions. Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me took a pair of Golden Popcorns for Best On-Screen Duo (Mike Myers and Verne Troyer) and Best Villain (Mike Myers as Dr. Evil). Babyfaces Julia Stiles ( 10 Things I Hate About You ) and Haley Joel Osment (The Sixth Sense) both won Best Breakthrough, "Uncle F@#%a" ( South Park ) got Best Song and Adam Sandler got Best Comedic Performance for hamming it up in Big Daddy.

Speaking of hams, there were plenty in the house. Metallica and D'Angelo both turned up the drama with their trademark over-the-top performancase. But the real ham of the hour was flash in the pan Tom Green who, in addition to seducing Drew Barrymore with poo jokes, squeezed an MTV Movie Awards stunt into his 15 minutes of fame. He took to the stage with a coffee machine (which, presumably, he had humped) and led the audience in a chant of - believe it or not - coffee machine. Brilliant? Who can say? What we can say for sure is that MTV single-handedly got the new millennium up and running with the livest live show that the world had ever seen. It's a fact. Check CNN. It was on Larry King. No, for real. Look it up. OK, see you next year!